Airport Arrivals

If you travel frequently, then you know how much hassles you will find at the airport. But, perhaps, you can change it and just enjoy even the routine airport check in if you order the Fast Track Service.

This service allows you to receive the VIP advanced services, quicker and higher and quality.

These capabilities allow you to emphasize your status and simply avoid unnecessary troubles.

Your new personal assistant will meet you upon your arrival, he will help you take your luggage and then guide you through terminal number 1 for VIPs to pass the procedure of verification of documents without queues.

Then, he will help you put your things in the car you chose and he will be ready to accompany you to your place to help you unload your luggage after that.

If you need to find transport or just to rent a car in Riga, the person from our team will also help you.

Limousine Service Riga are ready to provide you to rent any luxury car for every taste from stylish limousines to minivans, SUVs, and buses.

We are happy to provide you with the most convenient and comfortable way of traveling around the city and give you a really pleasant trip!

Airport Departures

If you would like to get this Fast Track Service when you need to depart, the Limousine Service Riga are happy to propose you this unique and pleasurable option, and your VIP farewell to the city will be memorable, comfortable and enjoyable.

Your assistant will meet you again and he will also help put the luggage and then escort you to the VIP terminal for the passage of a routine check.

After that you will be taken to a private lounge, where you can wait you’re the flight in the calm atmosphere.

You can relax or work, if you like it, you will be offered drinks, newspapers, TV and the Internet.