Trust real professionals, and you will always be calm and happy in any situation!

Everybody can feel discomfort and helplessness, getting into an unfamiliar airport, when the noisy crowds are constantly poking, foreign and unfamiliar people are confusing you and endless walking through the maze of terminals shoots down the working rhythm.

We have developed this service to provide you the option Meet'n'Greet with our friendly assistance and professional support system.

We will meet you warmly and hospitably at the airport, and then we will help you solve all formal tasks.

Our staff will help you take your luggage and make sure that everything is OK.

After that you will be taken to the car. Limousine Service Riga also recommend you to rent our luxury and comfortable cars with high-qualification drivers, who are really fluent in English and know this city well.

It will be a great opportunity to explore the place in a comfortable environment, as a real alternative to the local taxi.

Limousine Service Riga are proud to work with people, who know and love their work!

Trust the real professionals and you will always be calm and happy in any situation!