This service highlights uniqueness and individuality of those who prefer excellence in everything! This service is very similar to the Fast Track Service but it has a lot of very pleasant and necessary supplements.
Airport Arrivals When you arrive, you will be immediately met by your personal assistant.
You will be taken to a waiting room for VIPs and your assistant will help you quickly resolve all the formalities.
Our qualitative staff will take your baggage and carry it to the luxury car, thoroughly prepared in advance to wait for you. In the special VIP parlor, you will be able to be engaged in your personal affairs, you will be given Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks, newspapers and TV.
We will reserve a room in a hotel especially for you if you need it or we will take you immediately to a restaurant, if you want.
You will be given all the necessary facilities for your ultimate comfort.

Airport Departures

Limousine Rental Riga is ready to provide this service for your departure as well, we are just happy to do it. You will be met by your personal assistant again, and he will help you put your luggage into a specially chosen and prepared car.
Then you will be delivered to the airport with maximum comfort, quickly and without traffic jams.
You will pass through all the formalities as VIP client in terminal number 1, and your assistant will be engaged in putting your luggage.
Then you will be taken to a special private waiting room for privileged persons where you can get some rest before the departure in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
You will also have access to all additional conveniences and comfort.
You can order food and drinks, a variety of newspapers and magazines, take advantage of the Internet, office supplies and equipment, or simply have some fun and watch TV. Then, when the time of your departure comes, your assistant will be here again, and a car will take you directly to your aircraft.
With this service you will be always on top and have a good time even if you are tired of the flight!
Everything we do, it is just for you!