Riga Sightseeing tour will reveal you the secrets of this pearl of the Baltic Sea.

The historical role of Riga has always been noticeable in the European medieval scene, because this city was originally laid at the intersection of trade routes as a bridge between Russia and Europe.

VIP Sightseeing tour in Riga

No wonder, the eyes of Swedish kings, the Russian tsars and the medieval Order of Templars went on that place, where the great mysteries of the games of great Orders are still being hidden.

Riga is a unique contrast of European history and the Soviet past, which gives the visitors the opportunity to experience these two polarities in full.

Moreover, Riga is rich in museums, parks, elegant architecture and modern buildings such as the famous library “Castle of Light”.

Here the visitors of the city will also have wonderful attraction parks and such enticing activities as boat tours along the river and flying over the city.

Combining all these together, you can create a great plan for a private tour and get a lot more impressions than on self-guided tour.

Riga Sightseeing VIP Tour will allow you to individually learn more and visit only the most interesting places of this Latvian capital of amber.

You will be given a chic vehicle with a driver and a nice guide to explore the city in a pleasant atmosphere, and you will be shown only interesting things for you.